Pantry Tidy Up


I dressed like this …  

There I was, poised with purpose and a plan.  The pantry needed a makeover and today was the day.  I unpacked the cupboard contents and cast about for a small space on which to place the baking powder tin.  In the midst of such kitchen chaos and with a plan yet to be actioned, my brain dallied while it recalled a previous kitchen caper.


The dishwasher seemed like a good idea.  How difficult could it be to shift the contents of this cupboard over here and get rid of some appliances to make room? The MOTH (Man of The House) would only have to chop a bit here and there, and plumb-in the new whiteware.

Too easy.

The M.O.T.H wasn’t keen.  In fact, he was sure the children would eventually stop arguing over who washed and who dried and who should put away after someone else dried; and if you used it and put it in the sink then someone else shouldn’t have to wash it because you didn’t tidy up after yourself.  It is not often he’s right, but he was wrong again this time (family joke).

'I'm not asking for the world...but couldn't you at least run the dishwasher while I'm out jumping over the moon?'

No, it wasn’t a simple matter and no he wasn’t keen to fiddle with the basic design of a perfectly good kitchen.  No, what we needed was a kitchen designer to do a proper job. Creative he might have been, but said designer had no concept of simplicity nor other folk’s budgets which made it a protracted planning phase.  The boys managed a compromise and the remodel of the kitchen went ahead.

It was a masterpiece.  The dishwasher was grand … and yes, the children still argued.  Whose turn to pack or unpack the dishwasher and whoever put the item in that caused the dishwasher to be ‘full’ ought to put the powder in and set said appliance going.


When I set aside the morning to give our pantry a makeover it wasn’t meant to become an all-day event. How can one small cupboard have so much out-of-date stuff.

Of course you can hide this much in a corner of a kitchen…

Pantry contents with cleaned out corner pantry

An hour into the project the cupboard was bare, and its contents sorted into categories. Coffee of every variety featured strongly, followed by a selection of teas, herbal and black after which came the ordinary foodstuffs. Coffees and teas are our version of junk food.

Each container was washed and relabelled and all packets emptied into glass or plastic jars, so they are easily identifiable. However, there is at least one container that belies its proud label. The white flour container is hosting dates for the time being, because that jar’s label didn’t wash off easily and harsh scrubbing may have scratched the container. It is a puzzle for the M.O.T.H. as he tracks down the real white flour which is also in a jar labelled white flour.

C’mon, I’m not the only one, am I?

Ta da – Job done

Lurking at the back of the top shelf were two large unopened bags of birdseed.  It didn’t take long for the M.O.T.H to come up with a plan for a bird feeder.

It was a joint venture. He drilled, I painted, he added wire and hung the feeder.

There you have it. From pantry clean up to funky bird feeder. We need the birds to show and pink bubbles to celebrate.  We may need a few glasses of pink to find something to cook in our freshly organised pantry.

No new kitchen this time, we already have a dishwasher, but we don’t have a …

Have you ever remodelled a kitchen or undertaken a pantry makeover and then have it morph into a much larger project?

7 thoughts on “Pantry Tidy Up

  1. Wow! You are an inspiration to me. Now that I’ve read your blog, I’m quite sure that a week from next Tuesday I’ll sort through my cupboards as I’ve been meaning to do since 2012! I enjoyed this humorous post and the photographs to illustrate the truth of your tale.

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