Back on My Bike

I feel like I ought to open this post with Hello, my name is Linda and I am a recalcitrant blogger.  It has been more than four weeks since my last entry.  After three months road-tripping around the Red Centre of Australia, life in all its banality has sat heavily on my shoulders.  The good news is, that it has started lifting and when I look up, things are same same but different, and that is good.

A few things changed while we were away and like anyone who has a lengthy break from the work routine, ones perspective of the importance of trivial pursuits (read office politics) changes.  So I walked in on that first day and everything’s was different.  The atmosphere, the work environment and my perception of my colleagues.  Everyone should have a three month break but we shouldn’t have to wait ten years, when we are all but on our knees.


Hello, my name is …

Now that I am back and starting to rebuild my caseload, it is time to pick up the threads of my blog and get back to visiting y’all.  Even though you won’t know it, I’ll forgive you for having moved on, it has, after all been too  long since I’ve shown up.  But hey, here I am, still with it – mostly, although I did fall off my bicycle last night on the way to the pub for dinner.  How does that work?  I managed to stay vertical after a drink.  Maybe it is a sign … something to be done more often, but then maybe not.

So there you have it.  There is still so much to write about our travels: more places to tell you about and lots more photos to share.  And then there is the weekly photo challenge to get back to.  In a couple of weeks we head across the ditch to New Zealand to our daughter’s wedding, so even more to write about and amazing scenery to photograph.

So, if you’re still hanging in here with me, how have you been doing?


10 thoughts on “Back on My Bike

  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a nice break traveling and hope you didn’t do too much damage falling off the bike, it makes me wince thinking about it. So excited to hear Loren is getting married. She will be a beautiful bride. Enjoy the memories! Xoxo


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