WPC: Windows

We spent two days in Griffith, NSW, Australia.  One of the more interesting attractions in the area is the Hermit’s Cave.  As the story goes the cave was once the home of Valerio Riccetti, a miner from Broken Hill.   After being jilted, he left Broken Hill and lived the life of a hermit in his cave on Scenic Hill.

During World War II, he was interned and after his release he returned to the cave. He became very ill and sought medical help from one of the local doctors and in return he maintained the doctor’s garden.  When Valerio became very ill a second time the citizens of Griffith raised money so he could return to his home country, Italy, where he died three months later.

This is the view from Valerio’s kitchen window.  His cave system meandered over the whole hill and included a lounge room, living quarters and a garden.  There can’t be too many kitchen views as inspiring as that from Valerio’s kitchen.


WPC Window 3

Your inspiration this week is windows. Use a window to frame your shot. Show us what you see out the window from the place where you usually blog, use a window to give structure to your photo, or make a window itself your subject.

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