For this week’s challenge, show us your perception of transient. Maybe it’s a leather-skinned motorcyclist riding across South America. Maybe it’s a seed carried on a bird’s wing. Maybe your photo is not of a person or an object but depicts the state of impermanence. Whatever interpretation of transient you share, I look forward to imagining the stories!


The views from a hammock are ever-changing as one dozes in and out of awareness whilst relaxing.  In recent years the cloud formations have become increasingly evocative of pending weather changes.  However, today’s photo was taken in brilliant sunshine happily swaying to and fro under a transient canopy.

5 thoughts on “Transient

  1. Lovely, Linda!
    I have been trying since last week to put up my photos for this challenge. The photos don’t show up, just like the first one I did. I have loaded, deleted, re-loaded, etc several times with no success. I final asked for wordpress help over the weekend, but they didn’t listen to what I was describing, so were no help at all. It would have been a great post, too. 😦

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    • Sorry to hear about the hassles you’re having with uploading photos. I’d offer to help if I thought I’d be more helpful than WordPress but I have never had the problems you are experiencing. Is it just with photo uploads? I am sure you will have tried different ways to overcome the issue but I am happy to have a yarn if you think it may be useful. Linda 😦

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