Photos this week are captioned either in or out of focus which is the challenge for this week’s contributors to the weekly WordPress Photo Challenge.

As many experienced photographers will tell you, the sharpness of the lens or camera you use isn’t always that important. Sometimes, what matters more is the style and composition of the shot you’re trying to create. Whether you prefer a vintage look with grain and softer edges, or an image with razor-sharp focus, it all depends on the moment you hope to capture.  This week’s challenge is in and out of focus.

My photos have been selected from the myriad taken one Saturday night when I visited Sydney to enjoy a small portion of VIVID.

Vivid Sydney is Australia’s major event in winter and now recognised as the largest global event of its kind combining light, music and ideas.  Artists collaborate to synthesize creativity, technology and commerce – a rare phenomenon.  Last year it was recognised as such by the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) where it received 12 accolades.  It has also been acclaimed as a major event on the creative arts’ calendar in Australia.


The Carnival Spirit departing port headed for warmer temperatures (in focus)

It is difficult to ignore such a world class experience this close to home so I roamed the installations focussed around Circular Quay.  Arriving early I was able to witness the port departure of a cruise ship the Carnival Spirit as it headed towards warmer temperatures.

Sydney Harbour & Carnival Spirit (R&C).jpg

Between the rails on Sydney Harbour Bridge

As the sun set and twilight approached the photo opportunities were infinite.  Which camera?  Which lens?  What angle?  In the end I shot with whatever was nearest and whichever lens was attached to the camera.

Carnival Spirit & Opera House(R)

The funnel on the Carnival Spirit looks like an extra sail on the Sydney Opera House 

The photos that represent this week’s contribution to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge were taken with a Samsung smartphone, a small digital Olympus fixed lens or a Canon EOS 550D.  I have difficulty picking which was taken with what device.   How about you?


Nearing the southern part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, overlooking an old, and now mostly disused Church  (out of focus)

As you can see I didn’t get far with my meanderings.  I stayed close to the Harbour Bridge from where I had one of the best seats in the house.

VIVID Opera House 2017(R).JPG

Abstract designs projected onto the sales of the Sydney Opera House as part of the VIVID extravaganza (in and out of focus)

I eventually wandered into Circular Quay but not before stopping one last time at the southern pylon of the bridge to snap this final photo of the Opera House.


Just another one of the many many projections onto the Opera House during VIVID 2017          (out of focus)


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