What was the natural order?
“In philosophy, the natural order is the moral source from which natural law seeks to derive its authority. Natural order encompasses the natural relations of beings to one another, in the absence of law, which natural law attempts to reinforce.”  (Source)
… I couldn’t agree more … which is why my mind went to the natural relation of wine to happy hour to happy me to happy, well everything really.  Yeah, yeah, so it’s a loose interpretation of this week’s serious WordPress Photo Challenge all about order.

First Order


Second Order

… err … no, there was no third order.

And now for something studiously serious …


Chocolate coated Macadamias


My Grandpa would have loved this kind of order.  I can remember accompanying him to his tailor who had rooms in Markhams in Johannesburg (South Africa) and it had a sliding ladder too.  

For more totally serious interpretations of this week’s photo challenge theme of Order you can click here and be amazed.


10 thoughts on “Order

  1. Thank you for the lovely comment. The men’s clothing shop stopped me in my tracks for it’s nostalgia as one memory triggered another. I look at that photo now and more of that time in my life is recalled. Our brains are amazing.


  2. Your take on order delighted me, Linda. The first with the wine glasses surprised a laugh from me. The second in the candy shop intrigued me with its vibrant and subtle colors and the third washed over me with a wave of nostalgia for the only clothing shop for men my hometown could boast of, and it was a fine, elegant shop like the one pictured..

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