This week’s photo challenge entitled heritage and these are taken from my stash on Google drive.  The challenge gives me an opportunity to trawl through the digital albums regularly to remember our visit.  I have provided a snippet of information about the buildings, clock tower and bridge for interest.

Newcastle Gas Co (R)

The old gas and cole company sits alongside the railway corridor and a railway crossing across which there is a road.  The boom gates come down at least four times every hour and I have been caught at these gates with plenty of time to take in the surrounding buildings.  The City of Newcastle Gas and Coke Company Ltd was established in 1866 by a group of enterprising business people, and the company survived for over 100 years with sustained growth. It first supplied domestic gas lighting on 26 October 1867, after which it obtained the government contracts for lighting the streets of Newcastle and Honeysuckle Point railways as well as jetties, wharves, railway crossings and Post and Telegraph offices. The streets of Newcastle were lit for the first time in 1875 and in the 1890’s, gas cooking was introduced. Continued demand led to the purchase in 1910 of the land at Clyde Street and the opening of major new works, adjacent to the railway line.


The Mudgee Memorial Clock Tower sits in the middle of a wide street (to allow horse-drawn wagons and carriages to turn around in) and erected in to commemorate 50 years since World War II and honour local men and women who died in the service of their country.

Mudgee Cinema(R)

The 1937 Art Deco cinema and theatre’s exterior is well maintained despite the building lying empty for some years.  There is a plan to redevelop the building as an apartment and office block, no doubt maintaining the exterior given its historic significance.


Originally called the Victoria Bridge it replaced the original wooden bridge in 1863. In later years it was widened twice. It was renamed in 1989 to honour the service of Sir Hamish Grenfell Hay, Mayor of the City from 1974 to 1989.  It is a pedestrian bridge over the Avon River in Christchurch, New Zealand.

20160529_144315 (1)

In 1889 work commenced on the Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle – modelled on Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. The foundation stones were laid on Christmas day 1889 with the building being completed and opened in 1890.  The beautiful old building is only open Sundays for Church services.  It is in the city centre and overlooks Civic Park in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

6 thoughts on “Heritage

    • Thanx Marty. Here in Newcastle there is a lot of new building going on in the CBD, new justice centre, new university campus, both modern and beautiful and the older heritage buildings have been neglected because of so much red tape and politicking entrepreneurs/developers are reluctant to touch them.

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    • I am certain you will Linda. There are so many ways to interpret the challenges you will surprise yourself with what you have stashed on the hard drive. I like it because it is an opportunity to trawl those archives and revisit those events and outings or trips. 🙂 Linda

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