Carrington Boardwalk

This week I got out of the office during the allotted half-hour lunch break and discovered a quiet retreat in the wetland area at estuary end of Throsby Creek.  Mangroves are described as the nursery of the sea as many animals start their lives sheltering from storms in the mangrove root systems.

Wickham Wetlands

The leaf litter that falls from the Mangroves decays and is eaten by aquatic animals like crabs, molluscs and small fish.  These in turn provide food for larger fish.  As storms increase in severity and the rise in sea levels from climate change, mangroves form an important role in protecting the coast into the future.

Carrington Boardwalk

Because of their important as habitat for fish, mangroves are protected in New South Wales (Australia) under the Fisheries Management Act and harming mangroves carries a maximum penalty of $110, 00 for an individual and double that if a corporation engages in any activity that may harm the protected ecosystem.


6 thoughts on “Carrington Boardwalk

  1. Not living near the sea, I have seen Mangroves in my travels so knew about their existence and appearance, but little else; so this informative post educated me about their importance. Thank you, Linda. I’ll never look at them again without picturing all the life that depends on them.


    • They’re not something I think of attractive yet their function cannot be denied. So I have to reframe my thinking about them. They do a lot of mangrove boardwalks here, I suppose it is one way to educate folk (like me) about their importance.

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