A – Z Challenge 2017 Reflection

This is the third year I have participated in the A – Z Challenge:  2014, 2015 and now 2017.  Each year challenge posts have reflected my interested in one area.  2015 it was my work, 2015 I wrote pieces about my travels and this year I brought it up close and personal focussing on my personal values and elements of each day that add value to my journey (follow the link to all this year’s A-Z posts).

Before launching into the reflection I want to thank the A – Z Challenge organisers.  I cannot imagine their task has been an easy.  The new format of the challenge caused consternation for some of us but we adapted and as we neared the checkered flag previous years’ format was a distant memory.  I appreciate all the behind the scenes work that will have gone on during the month as creases were ironed out and feathers unruffled.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  And I completed the survey too – please consider doing this for the challenge facilitators it is one way we can show our appreciation follow the link to the A – Z Challenge page and then scroll down to the survey link.


So the new format.  I liked it.  I did not waste time clicking blogs to find the day’s post was missing or that person hadn’t been posting regularly.  The new format had everyone contributing for that letter posting to Blogger, Facebook and WordPress all posts for that day’s letter were all in one place.  That was fantastic!    This made it easier to strike up new blogging friendships and made the month more enjoyable.

My favourite new bloggers to follow are:

Geraint writing at Penguin Ponderings:  April’s posts focussed on his in African game parks and were packed with interesting information and beautiful photography.

Kim of Ramblings of K took us on a world trip during April as we visited some well-know towns and others not so familiar.  Her posts too are an engaging meld of well-written stories of her travels and gorgeous photos.

Simply Marquessa it a talented writer who posted a part of a story each day throughout the challenge.   When I read I like to sit and get stuck into a good story.  However, Marquessa had me hooked from the first episode of her story for the month.  You should check her other writing too.  She posts regularly and there is always something to keep pulling you back in.


With the Exception of “Z” all my posts were written in advance and scheduled.  The strategy worked well although having to cut and paste the link to my blog in three different places was at times cumbersome (WordPress, Blogger and Facebook comments’ sections for that day).  However, that was made easier because the facilitators had taken time to teach us how to do this before the challenge started.  They could not have done more to help us achieve our goal of blogging our way through the alphabet.

I am uncertain how many participants contributed this year but I chose to engage with a few bloggers and get to know their work.  Commenting was a big part of this challenge which helped pull me out of my introvert corner from where I tend to watch rather than play.  I learned I can step out of the corner and not get bitten and playing with others can be fun too.

Of the twenty-eight posts I wrote for the challenge my favourite was the post for V – Vulnerability.  Reading Brene Brown’s books and doing
some of her on-line personal development/growth work has captured my heart to live real and authentic; we cannot be real and authentic without being vulnerable.

Thank you to all who continued to read what I had to say this month and for the encouragement, comments, likes and visits during the challenge.  I appreciate you all.


A-Z 2017 Challenge Posts

A – Z Challenge | A – Authenticity

A – Z Challenge | B – Big, Bold and Beautiful

A – Z Challenge | C – Contribution over Compensation

A – Z Challenge | D – Diversity

A – Z Challenge | E – Elevate (My Word for This Year)

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A – Z Challenge | H – Homemade

A – Z Challenge | I – Imperfection

A – Z Challenge | J – Justice

A – Z Challenge | K – Knowledge or Intelligence?

A – Z Challenge | L – Libraries

A – Z Challenge | M – Meaningful Work

A – Z Challenge | N – Negotiations

A – Z Challenge | O – Optimism

A – Z Challenge | P – Photography

A – Z Challenge | Q – Quitting

A – Z Challenge | R – Reading

A – Z Challenge | S – Solitude

A – Z Challenge | T – Thankfulness

A – Z Challenge |U – Embracing Our Uniqueness

A – Z Challenge | V – Vulnerability

A – Z Challenge | W – Words

A – Z Challenge | X – Xanadu

A – Z Challenge | Y – Youth

A – Z Challenge | Z – It’s A Mirage


2 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge 2017 Reflection

  1. Thank you for kind words and feedback, Linda. Your blog was one of my favourite discoveries during the A-Z, your posts are always so well considered and thought provoking and I find very engaging and enjoyable to read. My impressions of the A-Z were similar to your own, especially in regards to breaking out of my introverted self to comment and interact. Thank you for providing the encouragement and a sense of welcome on your blog 🙂


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