042117_1128_1.pngOnce spoken our words cannot be unspoken, retracted or unheard. They are there forever to heal, encourage, and bring hope. They can forever be remembered as hurtful and unnecessary too. I know I have spoken out on more than one occasion I wish I had not. We have all done it at some point. Hell, I have even written things I wish I had never published here.  Being of a reflective nature I have cause to cringe at many things I have said and how I wished there was an erase button.


My word for 2017 is elevate and it was chosen with several things in mind but heading the list was to be careful of how I spoke to people. A habit takes three weeks to break and the same amount of time to nurture a new behaviour to become a habit. My thinking is that 52 weeks of elevating others would be time enough, for kind words to become a habit.  Fifty-two weeks is a long time to be conscious of my words and it is a struggle most days.  But I do so want my words to ones that lift and encourage.

Words affect our lives for decades, sometimes even the course of a lifetime.  Many have spent years overcoming the thoughtless (and/or nasty) comments directed towards us during our childhood. I wonder if your inner critic sounds like a parent, grandparent or other relative. We carry their words and tone deep within us and often we hurt each time we ‘hear’ them.


My prayer is that my words will be carried deep within the hearts of others; words that acknowledge their humanity and value as an individual.

Iranian poet, Hafiz, whose words are in the picture above reminds us that our words shape not only our lives but the lives of others. How we experience the words of others, and them ours, will communicate positivity or negativity. Elevating others falls within the realm of possibility for me and I can do so with my words.

10 thoughts on “Words

    • Dear One, you are not alone in that challenge. I struggle daily with giving others the benefit of the doubt again and again yet am so harsh on myself. We are beautiful works in progress. πŸ™‚ Linda


  1. What a wonderful intention to carry through the year! That admonition from Hafiz is a lovely way to think about it, and I absolutely believe he was correct. Our words are important and we should send them out to live in the world with care and intention.

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  2. Words are indeed so powerful. They can change the entire way one feels and like you say, it’s not a short-term thing but can last a lifetime. Choosing to have a positive effect with your words is wonderful.

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  3. Wonderful read! It is true that words do leave a deeper impact. I try to use words carefully, however, I have, on a few instances, made a bad choice of words.
    I realize my inner critic is not very kind to me at times … Moreover, it changes the tone dependent on the issue in hand. So I feel assured when it sounds like my parents or grandparents.
    Thanks for sharing
    Best wishes!


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