Embracing our Uniqueness

a-to-z HEADER [2017] - april

The Bible tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14) and indeed there are no carbon copies of me, you or anyone else.  Even identical twins aren’t definitively identical.  We wear our peculiarities as evidence of the environments to which we have adjusted; like childhood, school, college, marriage, the workforce and in-law families.  These unique qualities distinguish us from others and constitute our character, people identify us by the different characteristics we present to the world.


While personality remains reasonably stable over life, character evolves as we acquire enduring and distinctive qualities that set us apart from the masses.  Our tall-poppy slashing culture allows us little opportunity to celebrate our uniqueness thereby making us a cohort of conformists.  If we are embarrassed by certain qualities then we run the risk of hiding.  When we celebrate our individuality we are closer to living life with authenticity which is living life with honesty and openness and transparency.  Each of us has quirks and idiosyncrasies worth celebrating.

We were never meant to live our lives the way others live theirs and the most brutal thing we do ourselves is to try and be like others.  We lose our unique edge when we fall into comparison, envy and follow trends or philosophies not in synch with our core values and beliefs.

So what makes me unique ?

  1. I know what I’m here for
  2. My personality
  3. My beliefs and values
  4. My spirituality
  5. My aspirations (I have a dream; actually I have several)
  6. My attitude
  7. My voice
  8. My genetic predispositions
  9. My heritage
  10. How I apply my skill set is like no other.

How about you?  What makes you unique?  Please don’t become tied up in the pedantics of what is a characteristic.  Let this flow and allow yourself to enjoy the process.

4 thoughts on “Embracing our Uniqueness

  1. Interesting thoughts and questions. I have been wrestling with this verse this year. Then a friend read in their translation “wonderfully complex” for the commonly translated “fearfully and wonderfully made”. The complexity is part of our uniqueness and has helped me with some of my questions, but I am not done yet and will ponder your thoughts and questions.

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  2. Interesting post an question, Linda. The bit of writing that struck me with its excellence was “Our tall-poppy slashing culture” which speaks volumes about the forces that push conformity. I am unique in my concentration, sense of humor, and affinity for delayed gratification.

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  3. Uniqueness is an amazing thing, since no two people among the billions are exactly the same. Even in a family where children share the DNA of their parents & grow up in essentially the same family, each child is an individual. Each is affected by various conditions – their place in the family; their gender; their personality; their experiences in school, with friends, etc. My five sons are all different, each with their own physical appearance, personality and experiences. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

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