Meaningful Work

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Every day since 1 August 2006 when I sat at my desk and stared at the concrete wall across the courtyard I am thankful to that still small voice that encouraged me away from what had become a depressing rut.  For a small voice it had a lot of momentum.

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I had reached a fork in the road:  stay on this path and somberly stagnate or fly in the face of ageism and hang on for the ride.  Twelve years later I’m still dangling from the balloon string.  It is still scary and exhilarating and unknown and fulfilling and still wonderful.  If I hadn’t heard the nudge I would not have taken the steps I needed to get the required qualifications to do the work that fills me with passion.

It takes momentum to forge a new way but the rewards have been incredible.  Years of study and work placements have ensured that I get to work each day filled with anticipation and excitement.

Meaningful work as a core value gives me a framework to identify, pursue, and achieve my mission within the context of my sphere of influence: up close and personal and further afield to the broader community.  I am passionate about the work I now do and need little motivation to chug through the paperwork so I can get into the community and do what I believe I was created to do.  Whoever said a passionate person requires no motivating knew what they were talking about.

Maybe you’re thinking meaningful work falls within the realm of intangibles and before I found The Work and Meaning Inventory I would have agreed with you.  How does one measure meaningful work?  What work components are measured and what does that scale resemble?

I know the elements of my present employment that add the most value to my work. They are reflected in The Work and Meaning Inventory.  Yes there are elements of the workplace that are less than wonderful but they are miniscule compared to the sense of purpose other aspects of work provide.

I had a good idea how important my work is (to me) but I put myself through the short survey anyhow.  There weren’t any surprises, everything rang true.

I wonder what your card looks like?  If you’re facing a concrete wall why not complete the Meaningful Work Measure.  The results may be transformational.  Perhaps it confirms you find fulfilment in how you spend your days.  Or maybe it is time to change things up a bit.

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I am participating in the A-Z Challenge.  You can find out more about the challenge here.

8 thoughts on “Meaningful Work

  1. Having a job and having meaningful work are not synonymous but I’ve found that even “menial” jobs become more satisfying if I believe I was put there for a time and a purpose. Good subject to write about.


    • We do Linda, whether we’re working or retired we need to find something that energises us, something about which we’re excited.
      P.S: Rang earlier today and left a message about a coffee catch up …

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