Growth of the Personal Kind

a-to-z HEADER [2017] - april

I am not proud of the lapse in my learning from the time I left school to when I picked up study in my 50s, but returning to fulfil a dream has been a life-changing journey. I went from living my life on auto-pilot to realising how stuck I was. A series of small steps and small changes helped to widen the lens angle through which I had been doing life. While it takes courage to change I have yet to meet the person who has not been grateful for the opportunity to change.

Life on auto-pilot gave little expression to my personal core values. I noticed I had hunkered down and was hanging on with clenched fists. Yeah, I know you can’t hang on with clenched fists but there I was and sliding all the time. My confidence, self-esteem and sense of self-empowerment were straggling.

I signed up for an under graduate degree and dove in at the deep end. As they say the rest is history. The people I admire and consider successful all invest in lifelong learning. They plan for personal growth and engage in a range of activities. Study has been a stepping stone to increased self-awareness which always bears fruit in personal growth.

The four attributes of personal growth I look for in myself: desire, determination, discipline and patience. When these attributes are present my track record tells me I’m in for a growth spurt. Sometimes it is slow, long and painful – like the degree. Other times it is spontaneous and fun. However it happens, learning adds texture to life.

As I maintain an interest in learning I notice that:

1. it has raised my self-awareness

2. given me direction

3. improved my focus and effectiveness

4. enhanced my resilience

5. increase my motivation to keep going

6. improved my inter-personal relationship

What is the something you’ve wanted to do that is still possible given the motivation?


This month I am participating in the A-Z Challenge with others who have taken up the challenge to write posts loosely related to each letter of the alphabet.  QP & Eye’s theme during this challenge is that of values – both lived and elements that add value to life.  You can find out more about the challenge here.

6 thoughts on “Growth of the Personal Kind

  1. I found this post thoughtful and reaffirming of life and growth, Linda. The question with which you ended gave me pause, and after careful consideration I know what I want to learn that will fulfill and satisfy me. I want to learn to swim more efficiently and for greater distances so I lose my fear of deep water. I must figure out how to do so in this winter bound town that has only one swimming pool and it is outdoors and teems with chaotic children all summer. But there must be a way.

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    • Oh my! Your response reminds me how blessed we are here. We have any number of heated pools within 50km radius of home. Love your goal of increasing confidence in deep waters. Seems my confidence has sagged as I’ve become older.


  2. “[H]anging on with clenched fists.” Boy, do I know that feeling. For me, Linda, it was getting a new lease on life after my first marriage crumbled. I started to read huge biographies for which I never was able to find the time previously. It was life-changing. Congrats on your academic successes! – Marty


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