That Feeling – It’s Gone

After the good wishes and kind thoughts from friends and followers of QP and Eye, it seems fair to follow up how things panned out. Three days ago I was in a state of high anxiety and doing head miles about all the worst case scenarios and how awful it would be. Of course, nothing like any of those thoughts happened and in fact the task was almost fun!

Well, I’m still here and still standing, blogging and writing so of course I survived. Like I said we had fun, the four ‘family members’ stepped up beautifully: Mum, Dad and their daughter and son. A big help was one of the players – Hi S – was on hand to help re-arrange the room and bounce ideas around about seating arrangements and set the camera up for the best visuals. I am blessed to have these people in my life and they helped allay my fears, which now seem silly.

Behind the scenes others were there to support me to put an outline together of how the counselling session could go. We discussed time constraints, content and making sure all the assessment tasks requirements had been covered – Hi D. Having a plan was a huge component to the task’s success as it removed the angst about going over time or not covering everything required. I had this in the bag.

It was a premature thought, the final part was to upload the videos to You Tube – oh boy. I can remember purchasing our first steel-cased computer in 1984 that had no hard drive, instead there were two 128 kilobyte 5 1/2″ floppy disks: one was the software the other for storage, all 128 kbs. We were aghast at what this piece of technology could accomplish. We could now do our accounts on the machine, goodbye Kalamazoo accounting system, provide engineering quotes, tender jobs, send out accounts, write letters and when the children got a little older Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes came into its own. Ooh aahh, then came the internet and we hooked up to a remote source of selected information. If we wanted specific information we contacted the person by phone and he downloaded information for us and made it available on the network. It was amazing … well, it was the 1980s after all.

How far we have come since those days. We count time in nano-seconds, talk about gigabytes rather than kilobytes and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone under the age of 60 who knows what a ‘floppy disk’ is. No wonder I’m struggling with the 28 hours it has taken to upload the three videos to You Tube. The final video – 7 minutes in length – is currently at 29% and has been uploading for two hours. We have had a lot of rain in the past 48 hours and this often affects our internet performance. How? I do not know. What I have learned since the 1980 is that there is always someone somewhere with a perfectly reasonable explanation of why my internet connection is playing up and another perfectly ‘reasonable’ story of why it has nothing to do with the service provider.

I’m yearning for the good old days when the video camera would have had a mini cassette I transferred to a larger video cassette, I would have walked down to the post office and despatched three assessment tasks – kit and caboodle. Yes, in ye olde days it would be travelling towards its destination. Instead I’m looking at the screen every few minutes to see the percentages tick up – like the watched pot.

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