Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

So many words, images and meanings swung across my mind when I read this week’s photo challenge.  From Sister Mary Margaret who taught us the periodic table and unwittingly injected humour into exploding experiments in the science lab. to every religion’s spiritual attributions to the properties encompassed in the chemical makeup of H20.


The first weekend after I bought my new-to-me Canon DSLR we headed to the coast to test its capabilities.  We meandered down to Norah Head a headland with 180 degree ocean views.


To the north of the headland the ocean is calm and reflective, hooded by another of nature’s interpretations of H20.  To the south the ocean gasps and gushes between ancient rock formations.  From our rock perch on the headland we witness the sheer joy of the seagulls as they dipped and dived in defiance of the ocean’s strength and the harshness of the rocks.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

  1. Lovely photos, Linda. 🙂
    I have been to Norah Head when the wind is screaming and the ocean roaring over the rocky platforms. On that day, families – with little children – walked across there, seeming to dare the waves to wash them away. Crazy!
    H2O is life-giving, but people need to remember that it can also be life-taking!


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