Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest

My association with quests is of knights in Medieval times, Sir Lancelot and his quest to rid his home, Camelot, of dastardly savages who stole food  and water, leaving citizens to starve.  Before Lancelot ever became a knight capable of embarking on a quest he had to attend knight school to learn how to fight and how to be a loyal knight to King Arthur.

Having the right equipment, skills and vitality to match the task was not for the feint-hearted.  And neither is it in today’s terms.  We live in tough times, every generation has, yet our skills and equipment differ dramatically from one age to the next.  While Sir Lancelot eventually achieved the quest set before him and relieved the people’s suffering he had an army of people to help him.

In times when individuals and families are so mobile, social isolation is on the increase.  Finding meaningful connection with another person to journey alongside us can indeed be a quest:  a quest for connection, belonging and acceptance.    It interests me that in a time when we have more ways to be connected we experience more loneliness and disconnection than ever before.


Being about my business and at peace too.

In the core of our beings we have a place we desire peace, harmony, wisdom and balance. Having those in place centres us, gives us a sense of well-being and there is no disconnection or sense of being alone.  We are content, connected and syncopated with our world.

Having discovered that place of peace and calm why would we veer away from it?  Each of us does and more often than we care to acknowledge.  When we realise we’re keeping pace with a different set of values and no longer true to our beliefs, disquiet slips in.  It isn’t long before we’re out of kilter with other aspects of our lives and relationships too.

My quest is to be about my business and keeping pace with the world, achieving in the areas I need to.  And then it is about drawing aside to be still – and recharge, ready to do it again tomorrow.  My quest is to maintain balance and to do so with wisdom and kindness.

This post was inspired by WordPress Weekly photo challenge to capture a quest with your camera.


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