Every Woman’s Daybook

I am again using the prompts from The Simple Woman’s Daybook challenge as it covers much of what I have been doing recently as well as how I am feeling today.
Looking out my window the garden looks cold in the partial shade, the rain has topped up the swimming pool and the condensation on the window is clearing.
I am thinking it is time to return to the study books.  The fortnight just gone had many distractions yet I feel refreshed and ready to get back into it.
I am thankful for the opportunity to have attended my first Hillsong Conference, Sydney, along with 30, 000 others.  It was truly amazing.
One of my favorite things is returning home after a week away.
I am wearing 

… yep, I am a fox!

I am creating some space to recommence studies and find my desk again after a longer-than-scheduled break.  Other than, no creative urges.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to:  Stepahnie Dowrick’s Creative Journal Writing; Steven King On Writing; Rick Warren Purpose Driven Life;  and tonight I am going to start reading Ernest Dempsey’s The Secret of the Stones.  We recently finished watching a TV series called Homeland, which was highly entertaining and addictive and since moved on to the series called Bloodline.  I am listening to three new albums of Christian music from Bethel Music that I purchased at conference last week.
I am hoping that the seeds sown at conference ind a place of ‘good soil’ in my heart in which to flourish and bring the changes necessary to move me onto the next season of my spiritual growth.  
I am learning that even when it feels like I am going backwards I am in fact making progress, sometimes reflection alone can be the measure of how far one has come.
My kitchen hasn’t seen me in recent weeks so no adventures to report there.  However, I am enjoying the meals prepared by the MOTH (Man of The House).  Last week was not a good week for healthy eating.  Who knows, that nutritious meals are hard to find when the choice is from food carts and half an hour to find something to eat, along with 30, 000 other hungry souls.  Too many days a chocolate bar and bag of crisps were an easy choice.
In my garden the pigeons are breeding for the second time in as many months, I didn’t know they could do that.  So mama is in her nest,  the same nest she raised the two previous chicks in.  I feel she ought to have made a few improvements as the nest is tentative at best but, she has more experience at this than me so I will watch and see.
Below is a pin from one of my Pinterest boards.  I tried a number of times to insert the pin from Pinterest without success and finished having to save the pin and then insert the graphic only.  I’m interested if anyone knows how to do this and has the skills to teach me in plain Embedding-a-Pinterest-Pin-for-Dummies language.  I’ve read the WP support links and I am definitely in the dummy category.  And the formatting for this post has gone haywire.
Book Pinterest
A moment from my day – picked up my new work car and looking forward to exploring the bells and whistles.

3 thoughts on “Every Woman’s Daybook

  1. Yes, you are a fox. Any woman who looks happy and comfortable in her own skin, as you do, is a fox. As always, I enjoyed the slice of your life you share when you respond to this challenge.


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