Weekly Photo Challenge:  Pure

How do you depict PURE in a photograph.  Well just about everything nature can be viewed as pure:  plants, animal life, all creatures great and small, sunsets and sunrise.  Where to start and how to select that perfect picture to do the theme justice.

As we’re in the middle of a ten-day breakaway from all thing boring, we’re seeing and doing some amazing stuff.  Yesterday we biked along the Macquarie River to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo just outside Dubbo.  We’d heard a lot of negative reports about the zoo but wanted to have an opinion ourselves. It was a wonderful day.  We were able to bike around the ‘zoo’ which is laid out in cycle and walking tracks and the animal viewing options are non-intrusive as the enclosures are enormous.

Enclosures doesn’t do the layout justice as each species is accommodated, and I use that word loosely, according to the area animals need that most closely resembles how they would be if in the wild.  Large open plains and hilly outcrops, a haven for the Barbery Sheep, monkeys had grassy islands well planted with native trees as well as a tangle of ropes to get from one side of the island to any other part, and all animals were provided with suitable stimuli to keep them occupied during the day.

  Although the zebra is a common and not endangered species he is the pick for this week’s theme as my interpretation of PURE.  There are African San stories about how the zebra got his stripes and I’m sure if Rudyard Kipling had time he eventually would have written a Just So Story for us.  Nevermind.  The zebra’s stripes are as unique to each animal as our fingerprints are ours alone.  While the patterns are similar within the three types of zebra each calf is born with unique variations of his species’ pattern.  Pure genius.


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