Every Woman’s Daybook

Today I am spending time with the prompts from the Simple Woman’s Daybook (every time I type that I feel annoyed about responding to prompts that label those who contribute as ‘simple’).images

Sitting in My Garden: Today I am in the garden, later in the morning, and enjoying the thesimple-woman-daybook-large view from the sunny spot in one of the small sitting areas we have created around the garden. The Summer shade sails have been taken down, water-blasted clean, and packed away, allowing the low-slung sun to filter through the large gum tree in the back garden.

I am thinking: it has been a while since I found time to enjoy free writing. Having taken up studies again after-work hours are spent with course material and note-taking. With a clear conscience I sat and composed a post for the weekly photo challenge, spent time in the photo archives, ostensibly searching for the perfect photo to fit the challenge criteria, but actually remembering the times each photo was taken. With a few hours left in the morning it has taken my mind in a creative direction which I miss with the recent academic activities swallowing up so much free time.

I am thankful: For whatever reason this past week I have caught myself giving thanks for a life I feel I do not deserve. With so much hurt, pain, anger and greed I reaslied afresh that with the privilege of ‘enough’ comes a responsibility. I am grateful to work in the community and come alongside some who do not have a special person in their corner to help meet daily struggles.

One of my favourite things: This weekend has been a fulfillment of a few of my favourite things: Saturday I was wrapped in a quilt in front of a roaring fire with a good book and a cup of coffee; and Sunday the MOTH (Man of The House) and I visited the Newcastle Art Gallery that has a new exhibition of Aboriginal artworks.

I am wearing: Because I don’t want to tell you that once again I am in my scuzzy old track pants and sloppy fleece jacket, let me tell you what I purchased recently and have enjoyed wearing. While waiting for someone a few weeks ago I found this hole in the wall clothing boutique in a suburb I don’t visit much except in the course of a work day. With a few moment to spare before the appointment time I ducked inside and knew instantly I had discovered a new happy place. Not only were the clothes different, they were gorgeous and best of all they were affordable. When the MOTH and I went out yesterday afternoon I wore one of the new outfits: tights, boots and a tunic top with scarf and jacket. I felt well the diva! The look I think is called Boho but back in my day it was simply a hippy throwback outfit.

I am creating: Along with changing the batteries in the smoke alarms, daylight savings switch over means it is time to pull out the puzzles. I purchased a new puzzle this year, a 1 000 piece jigsaw that has taken me weeks to get this far. Like creative/free writing the puzzle give my left brain a rest and an hour sifting and sorting the pieces is equivalent to a nanna nap.

I am reading: Hallelujah! I finally finished reading the last book of Game of Thrones. It has been a marathon of epic proportions, not unlike its characters have endured, but I endured because it is well written. Now I am reading The Amber Keeper by Freda Lightfoot. It is not particularly well written and the main character (Abbie) is a flaky single parent but it is a welcome change from the sensible fact-ridden academic tome I spend so much time engrossed in.

I am listening to: With much of my day spent travelling between client visits there is a lot of time to listen to music or the radio. Since having discovered the wonder of audio books I have become an avid fan and presently I am enjoying the Bryce Courtenay Australian Trilogy, The Potato Factory. Last week I finished listening to the first book that carries the trilogy’s title and have the second book Tommo and Hawk on the iPod ready for this week. The narrator, Humphrey Bower, bring the characters to life and his talent for impersonations is a delight.

In my kitchen: Readers will be aware that the kitchen is the MOTH’s domain. However, with Winter almost here I found myself poring over soup recipes. I resorted to one of my favourites, goulash soup, with is a substantial meal that tastes better the day after. We have enough frozen packs to keep us in weekend lunches for a couple of months.


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5 thoughts on “Every Woman’s Daybook

  1. Lovely post, Linda. There’s no keeping you away from study, is there! 🙂
    I have read all the books in that series and loved the first two. However, not so much the later ones as they seemed a bit hard to believe.
    We’ve been busy the last couple of weeks clearing out the garage of all Dirk’s past work records & using the recycle bins of 3 local friends as well as our own. Still have plenty more to get rid of. The garage looks much better, but we still have a fair bit more to do. 🙂 Sore & aching every night, but getting there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Linda, I felt I had to create time to do something that energises me and writing does that. The studies are so interesting and relevant to my work that it is easy to remain engaged. Mind you that’s not to say the assessments are anything short of mind-bending, you know what academic writing is like. When you’ve done your garage the MOTH will need a hand with his … just saying 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Linda, sounds like life is treating you well! I admire the fact that you are always keeping busy with learning new things, doing study, working a hard job, making creative masterpieces etc. you certainly make me look lazy! We have bought a few acres in Taupo, so it looks like we are finally after 26 years, putting down roots! Hope we can catch up again one day soon either here or there. Take care, love to you both! Keep up the good writing! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Shari, it has been a long time since we caught up. We’re hoping to get over to NZ before the end of the year and it would be good to catch up. Thanx for dropping by and stopping to comment. Hugs Linda 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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