Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare


This week’s challenge is posed by Krista, a WordPress worker bee.

Spare has many connotations: it can mean one too many, or sparse, or even to release something from harm. I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations! Bonus points to those who tell the story behind their “spare” inspiration.

In Spring last year we spent some time in The Warrumbungles, a mountain range in the Orana region of New South Wales, the state in which we live.  Two years prior to our visit a fire destroyed more than 60% of the native vegetation although little of this was evident as the forest had naturally regenerated .  National Park officers patrol regularly and with the aid of mobile apps the public are able to report bird and animal sightings.  Over 400 nesting boxes were established after the fire which has helped birdlife to slowly return to the area.

Warrambungles (R)
From the archives this photo speaks to me of ‘spare’, the plain in the foreground as it rolls towards the mountain range set against Spring skies.  So much space in the aftermath of fires that spared little in its wild and fast-paced dash of devastation through what will once more become one of the most beautiful parks in our state.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

  1. Thanx Lavinia as well as seeing nature heal itself the sheer majesty of the ranges is breathtaking. It helps return one to what matters most in life and give fresh perspective to the important things 🙂 Linda


  2. It really is amazing how the forests will regenerate and replenish after a fire. It’s always tragic when people lose homes or even lives for those who choose to live so close to the forests and parks, but when it does come back it’s often even more lush than before. Great pic, Linda.

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