Quiet Time

Sometimes you just need quiet.  The quiet that comes with the calm of falling leaves.  The peace as the feather wafts its way towards the earth, like in Forrest Gump.  And it lands ever so softly on the ground and pauses, waiting, listening, being.  It is what it is.  Then it rises and floats away.  Maybe that isn’t how it happened but it is what I need today:  calm, quiet and gentleness.


It was to have been busy day, five client visits, each with complex issues where every day is a challenge.  Some braced themselves and turned up, for others it was too hard and they stayed away.  But as I sit here in this small space of quiet, lovingly created by others, I notice the sign:  Life is Short.  Eat Dessert First.

I am praying that those who have stayed away are safe; that they are busy with life and maybe, just maybe eating dessert.  Or maybe they simply needed the buffer of a quiet time.  And that’s okay.

Today I am grateful for this place, the coffee, the opportunity to sit and be, and to hear enough of the inner yearning to know I’m still connected to my words.

5 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. This is a lovely piece of writing, QP. Every word, thought, and emotion is in the right place and well expressed. It’s as though you let us see a part of your heart and let feel peace, calm, and quiet with you. And the last line is absolutely superb.

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    • Thank you Lavinia, it was a lovely pause in my day. I’m always intrigued by how little quality time we need to recharge yet how difficult it seems to be to take it for ourselves. 🙂 Linda

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