Catch Us Camping

My favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring. The days are not spent trying either to warm up or cool down and one can be outdoors all day relishing nature’s artwork wherever the eye stretches. From sunrise to sundown, the bird calls, surge and ebb of the surf and quiet comings and goings of other campers makes this the perfect time to be enjoying a four-day weekend on the mid-North coast of Australia’s eastern seaboard.

The surf is reminiscent of life the ups, the down, the troubled, the calm. The rhythm keeping time until the calm washes in to sooth and quiet our hearts. It is easier to believe in an Omnipotent God than it is twist my mind around the big bang theory. All this from one explosion? I don’t think so. But mine is one opinion. An opinion that has served and sustained me well.

Forster Tuncurry

So this weekend we are in the twin towns of Forster Tuncurry, an important holiday destination for families during school vacation times and to a lesser degree others not restricted to school holiday periods.  A causeway links the two towns where the crystal waters of Wallis Lake meet the Pacific Ocean, which means at any time one has a choice of quiet lake swimming or the tumble and surge of the ocean.

For an Aquarian and Piscean it is near to paradise; add camping to the mix, a loaded Kindle and views like the one above and I have to ask myself whether life gets any better.


3 thoughts on “Catch Us Camping

    • We do get to spend a lot of time enjoying and relaxing in the outdoors but I would love to be able to spend time with family too. That will happen when we return to NZ and then maybe that will be too much (for the, ha ha). A happy medium would be good, but life seldom offers that equilibrium.

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