Entry from My Day Book

simple-woman-daybook-largeBefore we even start my apologies, on behalf of WordPress paragraph formatting, for the tight structure of this post, it wasn’t meant to be this hard on the eyes …
It has been a while since the last time I sat here and I thought I would do a round up of where I am in my head, home and work.   The Simple Woman’s Daybook provides a good set of catch up prompts so here’s where we’re at today.
 Outside my window… it is a quiet grey Sunday morning in the ‘hood.  The mournful calls of crows sound in the distance and an Autumn chill rustles the bougainvillea outside my window.
I am thinking… this is a beautiful time of day to be awake and it feels like I’ve stolen a few moments of solitude.  Caught in the grist of the mill peace and quiet belong to another time and others more disciplined to take for themselves what I deny myself.
I am thankful… for the people who support, nurture and love me along life’s journey.  Is it because I’m getting older that there seem fewer of them than in days gone by?  Perhaps I’ve become more select with whom I allow to get close, preferring deeper one on one conversations.  Nurturing happens below the surface of weather, family and work and those in ‘my circle’ are nurturers of the soul; they’re precious.
 I am wearing… flannelette pyjamas and on my feet, brown crocs, they’re comfortable as slippers and I like that they massage the soles of my feet.
I am creating… a scrapbook of our son’s wedding that we attended in February this year.  It’s interesting I should be putting this together as recently I decided I had completed my last scrapping project.
I am wondering…  whether the piece on advocacy in counselling will be done by sunset today.  This is part two of an assessment for my graduate diploma of counselling. ( And I’m wondering why the paragraph formatting on this post won’t play nice).
I am reading … a lot of counselling material for the course but also a little book given to  me by a close friend who was part of a decluttering conversation some weeks ago.  The book is a gem and almost has me motivated to get going .. Marie Kondo is the author of “The life-changing magic of tidying up’ and makes it sound almost possible.
I am hoping… that the sale of the house to our daughter and her family goes through without a hitch and they can move in soon.  I’m wishing I were nearer to help out, be part of their excitement and help move furniture around, unpack boxes and cook meals.  But then maybe it’s just as well because sometimes we just want to relish all those firsts for ourselves.
I am (still) learning… that my default behaviour is perfectionism and that it drives me to distraction and ultimately serves no purpose other than to drain me of energy that could be better used in … err getting that advocacy piece written in less than half the time it takes in perfectionist mode.
In my garden…the MOTH (Man of The House) has been busy deconstructing the old flowerbed in the front of the house and rebuilding it.  My brother was visiting from South Africa (he came for  our son’s wedding) and enjoyed shovelling the raw gravel mixture into the concrete mixer and the manual labour involved.  It was great seeing the men bro-mancing in nature.  Thanks to their efforts the garden now has a mowing strip and bricks to define new borders.  The bonus is that it cost nothing to replant as everything came from other gardens around our home as well as contributions from the gardens of friends.  Meanwhile in the back garden the two plumptious baby pigeons have flown the coup:  nature is ever on the move.
In my kitchen… a fresh brew of kumboucha is on the go.  I haven’t yet perfected (there’s that word again) times which means there is little consistency is the end product.  Sometimes the lid of the bottled brew disappears into space while other times the product is as flat as a drunk the morning after.
A peek into one of my days… I am off to Church this morning which is always good to catch up with friends and acquaintances.  I love being with others as we worship and give thanks for all the blessings of the past week.

7 thoughts on “Entry from My Day Book

  1. I’ve been aiming at imperfection this year, not sure how well I’m succeeding. Like you, I’ve spent a lifetime being a perfectionist. How lovely to have bougainvilia nearby. I wish they would grow here but, alas, in Wales, UK, we just don’t have the right climate.

    I only have a few people left to nurture me, but I treasure them. It’s good reading the few of your posts that I’ve, so far read. I am not sure how I found your blog – possibly via a comment you left in Aunt Beulah?

    Oh and, a trick to making paragraphs here is to hold down the shift key while pressing the Enter key, where you want a single line paragraph space, otherwise hitting enter by itself usually makes a two-line space 🙂 (And if you use Facebook, you can use the same shift and enter trick in comments to create separate paragraphs.) And oh dear, you’ve just met my perfectionist!

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  2. I thoroughly enjoy dropping in on your life and thoughts on a Sunday morning. Your descriptions and reflections made it compelling reading for me. You sound happy, except for the perfectionism which I can relate to because I struggle with it as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Janet, pleased you visited, your comments always lift me and it’s good to know I’m not the only one afflicted by perfectionism: keep telling myself I’m a work in progress.


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