Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Many of us are in the midst of colorless winter, and, for me, the drab tends to seep into my daily mood. Grey days, stark tree branches, muddy snowmelt, and a dimly shining sun make it difficult to remember the beauty of a warmer season. For this week’s photo challenge, I wanted to seek brightness: a bit of mood therapy in the form of vibrant colors.

It has been a drab summer here down under in NSW, Australia.  The average rainfall has been the highest in however many years and the temperatures soar to 40C one day and  plummet to 23C the next.  It’s hard to know whether to dress for autumn or summer although you’d be forgive for opting for winter clobber given the number of grey and windy days.

Pansies are for Friendship

How can  you not be lifted out of the greyness of the day when these vibrant beauties nestle in a corner of the patio.

Posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge.


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