And. It. Felt. Good.

We welcomed the new year with friends, food while sitting lakefront  waiting for the fireworks to start.  As years go 2015 was not a cracker: maybe a sparkler or Catherine wheel.  There were times I spun so fast it was difficult to maintain focus but eventually life slowed, and a more settled and confident me emerged.  Then I did something I haven’t done for oh such a long long time, I sparkled.  And. It. Felt Good.

2015 was a year of shifting:  in confidence, assertiveness and rediscovering that,  without anyone’s validation or expectation, I am OKI have not been able to pin it down, what shifted – it happened.  When I figure it out I will bottle it and drink deep every day.  In the closing months of last year the shift was gold.   No longer was I treading water but I was swimming, deep rounded strokes that took me to the flow.  And. It. Felt. Good.

It has been a practice of mine to spend time at the end or beginning of each year to reflect on the last twelve months.  Needing inspiration last year, I took part in Reverb’14 (hosted by Kat McNally) which helped to unpack the year’s highs and lows and explore the possibilities for 2015.  I have looked back on those reflections, in response to prompts from Kat McNally, and see how my responses really did direct me towards the growth and changes that took place in the final quarter last year.  How exciting is that.

Kat’s no longer blogging so I had to look elsewhere for guidance and the direction in which I was taken was serendipitous.  A number of articles came my way each nudging me to seek a word to support my journey through this year. I know, sounds easy huh:  I needed help.

One of the people that happened along my path was Susannah Conway who offered two workshops.  One, a five day on-line workshop Finding Your Word for 2016 and the other, an e-book Unravelling the Year Ahead 2016.

Because I like to know about the person directing my search I set about discovering who Susannah Conway was and to what vibe she danced (her philosophy).  I found someone who lives with a simplicity and depth that touches my heart.  But, Lovelies, best of all, I learned she is a fellow INFP (an introvert and an Idealist).  I am in good hands.   And. It. Feels. Good.

After four days of reflection I am pretty close to finding my word.  Something to anchor me in 2016: to remind me to keep building on the shift that took place towards the end of 2015. And.  It.  Feels.  Good.

So Lovelies, do you make resolutions?  Perhaps you have a list of intentions.  Or maybe like me you’re seeking to mix things up a little this year.  I’d love to hear how you said ta-ta to the old year and greeted this new and leaping year.  Did it feel good?


2 thoughts on “And. It. Felt. Good.

  1. I took time out from all the new year preparations to write an entry in my journal – a last hug to 2015. My word arrives like clockwork, LInda, just before the year ends. This year it is ALLOW. Lovely word to guide me through the new year. I hope your word arrives soon. Sometimes you just have to let go and you’ll see it floating by.,.


  2. I love this, Linda. You sound so up-beat and positive. Good on you!
    I left 2015 in a negative frame of mind, remembering all the terrible things that the world has had to endure. I must admit I was depressed, and couldn’t really see a way that I could come to terms with it all.
    Somehow though, the turning of the year has changed that, and I intend doing all I can to make sure I look at the positives and don’t dwell on the negatives. I need to take each day in a mindful way, getting from it and seeing in it all the good that flows around me.
    So far I am doing all right. It may be difficult, but I must persist, or I will go down the tube again like I did last year. There is so much to be thankful for! My two words – mindfulness and thankfulness. 🙂

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