On Being Heard

Wednesday Work BadgeDo you find it difficult to be heard?  I am not a person who enjoys loud noise, parties or loud people, nor for that matter neither am I person who has brilliant ideas at a moment’s notice.  Sometimes I find myself being a little envious of those people who seem to pop with brilliance given a moment’s notice.  It’s not that I don’t have brilliant ideas, I do, just that mine happen when there’s less ‘noise’: like when the meeting’s over.

In the quiet place, I find my thoughts, that space of solitude where everything suggested in the meeting is processed – ad nauseum.


We are a team of four, a well balanced set: half loudly vocal, the other half reflective and observant.  Friends and work colleagues accept that I will often sit quietly while the bun fight ensues.

The same people also know there will an email some hours later with a processed analysis of the ideas and my reflections of those spit fire ideas.  Often ideas that didn’t make it to the brainstorming session are heard in a quieter environment where one-upmanship is relegated to a back seat.  One thing I know for sure is that brainstorming does not work across all temperaments.

I wonder how many great ideas never get heard because of the noise.

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