Mannering Park

School holidays, they’re a bitter sweet time I can feel nostalgic about.  The sweet, the children home, no routine, extra baking, trips to the park, visiting friends, extra children in the house and the break from work.  The bitter, crowded grocery stores and increased prices for holiday accommodation.  Now the routine is the same every day even when we’re camping we fall into an easy routine that the MOTH (Man Of The House) is keen to tell me:  the plan is there is no plan..

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Mannering Park, Lake Macquarie

Private schools broke up earlier this week and others will closed on Friday.  Even last week the traffic was noticeably less as families settle in to the summer holidays.  We’re enjoying what may well be our last camping getaway until the end of school holidays at the end of January.  Mannering Park is at the south end of Lake Macquarie At night and the noisy corellas complete a series of circuits and bumps before settling and squadron of ducks take to the waters and home; the rabbits have emerged.

The first two days were idyllic, peace, still and a few solitary souls who liked it that way.  We explored the lake front and the little village on foot and cycled further afield.  The campsite is on a peninsula between a sheltered bay on one side and a more exposed shore line on the other, where we are camped.

We head home tomorrow and we’re starting to hanker for a change.  The trickle of campers in and out has increased to a steady stream.  Last night a group of twenty young adults pitched brand new tents, straight from boxes, and provided a good night’s entertainment not available on television.

They had food and disposable everything, no cooking utensils, seasonings, oil, knives and nothing with which to dish up their food.  It took me back to my twenty-somethings when food was secondary to just about everything else and you made do with what was to hand.  I’m sure it had its stresses but it certainly looked a simple way of doing life as others rescued them from their dilemmas with offers of cooking oil, knives and dishing up spoons.

Best of all they were out doing life and others were there to help them on their way.  I like that we can still do that for each other because when I need my TV tuned or computer fixed  I know there’ll be a twenty-something person to help me.


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