Best Purchase Evah

In our material world everything takes on an importance far beyond its utility.  In fact we probably don’t need three-quarters of the stuff we own.  I’m a hunter gatherer – which sounds so much nicer than hoarder with all its negative connotations.  Eighteen months ago a land agent ambused the MOTH while he was minding his own business in the back yard.  What ensued was a reminder of why we stay in one place until we absolutely, no way, impossible-to-remain-where-we-have-been-ensconced-for-decades and have to move.  You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve placed your trust in the hands of a land agent to sell your home.

Which bring me to the topic of today’s prompt.  What was the best purchase you ever made and without having to think too much I have to say it was our first home.  Funny old thing house-hunting especially for a pair of newly-weds.  I wish someone had warned us.  We trundled from one neighbourhood to the next, from one way over-priced abode to the next ramshanckled bank-buster and this happened over weeks.

We knew our price range as did the land agents.  Have you noticed how they insist on taking you around homes tens of thousands of dollars above your means?  We’d done our homework and were not budging beyond our means.  Despite the agent best endeavours no home was compatible with our wish list and I was all but ready to give up.  That was until I realised one of the issues with which the agent had to contend:  while one of us was looking for a home with a suitable garage/workshop attached, the other was looking for a suitable garage/workshop with a house attached.

We did eventually become homeowners and the house cost us NZ$36, 500,  a staggering amount of money in 1980.  We moved into our first home in July the same year, our son was born four years later and our daughter the following year.  When we moved to Australia in 2003 we rented the property and eventually sold the family home in 2013.


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