My Personal Assistant

Wednesday Work BadgeIf you had a personal assistant who would do your most dreaded tasks, which items from your to-do list would you assign out?

This is another great prompt from the NaBloPoMo list for November’s blog challenge to post every day in the month.

Most of my work has been for NGOs (non-government organisations) and we know how little they pay and how much they expect from staff.  You could ask why remain in the community sector if the pay is so appalling;  a reasonable question.  But those who do remain know all to well that passion requires no motivation and the job satisfaction is tremendous.  It is easy to get up each morning knowing that you will make a difference to another person’s wellbeing.

Globalisation, capitalism, neo-liberalism are all terms that  cut to their base mean the same thing.  Everyone gets to do more with less which pretty much sums it up for our service.

Between three of us we provide over twelve hundred face-to-face client visits each year, service eight local government areas (LGAs), attend interagency meetings, speak at TAFE (tertiary college) and the local university about our work, host a student work placement twice a year,  maintain work health and safety protocols during visits and in the office, attend to data collation, input, extraction, and analysis ready for reporting quarterly.

After that, we attend community forums, contribute to the multicultural community drug action team (for which I keep the accounts), transport clients to and from hospital for medical detoxification or admission to the mental health wards, to attend alcohol and drug clinics, and attend meetings with clients who have had their children removed from their care and need to attend child protection meetings.

And then we implement whatever changes management (those so high up we minions rarely see them) hands down because we know that if management deems change necessary then of course it absolutely must be true.  We also know how aware management is of the minions at the coalface – those of us who have plenty of free time.

A personal assistant you say.  That paragon of virtue who picks up the data and collates stats, types our case notes, tends to funding reports, keeps management happy, files, answers the phones, takes referrals, provides feedback to referrers, attends to court papers and subpoena requests, responsible for a well stocked coffee stash, and please make sure there is always a supply of cream biscuits.

Of course I’d share my PA with the others because there is no “I” in team and when everyone is happy the office ticks along well, and we like that.

Err … when do you start?


3 thoughts on “My Personal Assistant

  1. oops, I just dropped in to read your posts…but if I could, I would volunteer to be your PA. Since we’re thousands of miles apart, though, I just want to give you a loud hurrah! for all the work you do. Just reading it makes me feel tired. Wonder where all that energy comes from….?


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