No Money Problems

“If money was no a problem where would you retire?”

This was one of the prompts offered in the NaBloPoMo November challenge and I like it because I am brimful of retirement thoughts.  Money no problem?  That would definitely complicate matters, it opens so many doors but I’ll keep the imagining modest.

On our way home from a four day camping weekend we stopped at a caravan ‘shop’ to find an insert for a compartment the MOTH (Man of The House) is about to cut in to the side of the caravan to increase storage.  While he was tending to business I did the rounds of the outside show yard and picked a few well-laid out caravans that would suit us well.  However, they were second hand although mostly well-loved and three of them even had washing machines.  Washing machines!  A washing machine in a caravan?  Too much like home for this camper but if we pulled the machine out it would be extra storage but the MOTH was quite taken with the idea of a washing machine on board.

When I retire we would keep our home, or maybe even downsize which at the moment is the more expensive alternative.  A brand new caravan would be a definite.  One with an en-suite, a bedroom that can be screened off, a full size three way fridge with freezer and a blogging nook.  Yes, a couple of the pre-loved caravans had small alcoves in which I could see myself writing.  I hadn’t noticed that lovely touch in other caravans but it is now on my list of ‘must-haves’ because part of the imagining was me ensconced in the nook banging out the next best seller – pfft!

Of course we need a roof top air-conditioning unit because Australia’s heat can be unforgiving.  Last Friday the mercury hit 40.5 degrees Celsius so I wouldn’t be travelling to the hinterland of this great land without some kind of cooling contraption (I can hear some stalwart scoffing at my air conditioner but hey, remember this is a money-is-no-problem piece and windows let the flies and mozzies in).

We would travel for seven or eight months of the year and then hop on an aeroplane to New Zealand and spend the remainder of the year with our little family in the North Island.  Mind you they’d probably send us on our way well before the four months was up.  Perhaps we could purchase a joint home big enough for us all, one that has a self-contained two-bedroom unit on the other side of the garage.  That way we’d all have our privacy and the MOTH and I would be close enough to kidnap our grandson for wondrous no-expense-spared adventures.


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