Every Woman’s Day Book

simple-woman-daybook-largeOutside my window: there is a view of a house roof top and trees that are oh so still in the heat.  My work desk faces the window although there is seldom time to watch the world go by.

I am thinking: that I have completed a month long blogging challenge before but this time I’m tired and feel like drawing a line under it right now.
I am thankful: that I have a job that gives me so much satisfaction and takes me in to the community.
In the kitchen: since I am at work I’ll tell you about that.  At any one time there are between two and twelve people in the building and every one of us feels it is someone else’s job to clean up after us.  Today however, it is looking very schmick because yesterday I was the someone who found the cleaning product and used a lot of what my father called elbow grease.
I’m creating: this year’s Christmas cards.
I’m going: camping this weekend and I’m excited about time away.
I’m wondering: which of the twenty-seven weather forecasts for this weekend is going to prove the correct one.
I’m reading: Game of Thrones – still; other peoples’ blogs and lots of work material relating to new funding rounds which is a great sedative even at work.
I’m hoping: the sea is not too rough over the weekend as I love ocean swimming.
I’m looking forward to: getting these client files closed down so I can pick up some of those on the waiting list.
I’m learning: that when I’m tired and grumpy wine and chocolate work wonders.
Around the house: at the office someone is rummaging about upstairs, we have new tenants and a revamp of the offices requires a lot of stuff to be shifted about which means our service, that treated like the organisation’s poor relation, will get a lot of hand-me downs.
A favourite quote of the day: In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing – Vincent Van Gogh.
One of my favourite things: is my new Toshiba Satellite which sounds like a space ship but is actually a 2-in-1 tablet and computer.

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