Vindication and Victory

Lots of things rile me.  Like someone being treated unfairly or rudely; or a person who does nothing when they have the ability to ease the way for another, and many other things.  And then there are insurance companies …

Day five into our three week camping adventure our Samsung Galaxy tablet, smart phone and handbag were stolen from the NinkyNonk (caravan).  While the MOTH (Man of The House) and I were tending nature’s call at 2am some badass creep who snuck in and nicked off with our treasures.  At that hour of the morning who wouldn’t be disoriented so it took us a while to come to grips with what had happened.  We searched every nook of the NinkyNonk to no avail, they were definitely gone.

We went through the correct procedure to notify the police who gave us a list of emergency numbers to stop further card transactions.  The two lovely young police officers who attended were caring and concerned and particularly keen for us to get another prescription for our missing tablet.  We have had some mileage from that misunderstanding.  Of course we notified our insurance company and told each other this was not going to spoil the rest of the holiday.

You could not imagine our dismay when the claim was knocked back.  We had not secured the caravan at 2am in the morning when we chose to walk 25 metres away to attend to nature’s call.  Yep, totally our fault, no come back.  By that stage, three weeks after the fact, I had come to grips with the fact that replacing the cards was a matter of process and in due course normality would return.  However the MOTH was not fairing so well without his tablet.   He was making do with a first generation iPad for which Apple no longer wrote updates meaning he was making do with out-dated applications not to mention how slow the device was compared to his newly stolen tablet.

Fast forward three weeks and we’re heading off to bed. Yours truly, carrying a tray with two hot drinks while simultaneously switching off the MacBook Pro.  While tending to yet another software glitch on the MacBook (my eye was not on the tray) one of the hot drinks slid south … onto the laptop.  We did what we could: mopped the desk and floor, tipped the laptop upside down on a towel and went to bed.  In the morning it was dead as a maggot.

As a grey-haired techno-geek I’m attached to my technology but the death of an already ailing laptop was more cause for celebration than a funeral.   Over the past year the on-going issues had rendered the laptop all but obsolete as each new set of glitches slowed the processor to a point beyond mild irritation.  Purchased in 2009 as a state of the art piece of craftsmanship it required several upgrades over the years, ultimately not an untimely passing.

I made the switch to Apple in 2009 when Microsoft was still coming to terms with their operating system – remember that blue screen of death?  Eventually large corporates turn on loyal supporters and Apple is no different. Each new device is released with a different charger, their add-ons are expensive and users with their on-line app purchases are locked to a system non-compatible across other platforms.  Hear me, I understand about the upper edge and the cut throat business of technology, but did they really need to be so self-centric?  Meh, I don’t think so.

This time the insurance company coughed up, and handsomely.  We have a payout for a brand spanking new MacBook Pro with all the bells and whistles.

I know the eligibility criteria lurks in the policy’s finest of fine print, woven amongst gossamer threads of legal jargon but today I am reminding myself that every dog/victim has its day – and yesterday was ours.  In the midst my glee there is not the slightest regret about the sorry saga. It seems one can make an honest mistake and be genuinely dismayed about a mishap and the insurance minions remain staunch about who is at fault.  On the other hand one can be careless and sloppy and be royally recompensed.  However they work their eligibility criteria I feel vindicated and triumphant.

Yesterday we returned home like marathon runners, our trophies held high.  Not only were we able to replace the MacBook Pro with a non-Apple machine, we can now replace the toys stolen whilst on holiday.

Victory tastes sweet.


One thought on “Vindication and Victory

  1. Wow, Linda, I’m so sorry about your misadventures. But I am glad that you were able to get insurance funds to recoup your losses. I too only recently learned first-hand about the damages water can wreak on a laptop. In my case, my Mac was still under the AppleCare warranty. I now earnestly keep the water glass and coffee mug as far away from the device as possible! Be safe and enjoy!

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