The Last Thing I Made

In 1998 I made my first quilt and each year since then I put together two quilts, mostly as gifts.  Because of the variety of materials, block patterns and the challenge of finding fabric from the ‘stash’ in my cupboard no two quilts are the same.


The satisfaction that comes from creating or fixing something is about the most motivating activity I know.  Even on a day when things go wrong, which is part of the process – problem solving, sitting quietly with a project is about the best thing I know to do.  It doesn’t take long before I find the zone and all the stress, worry and whatever may be playing on my mind drops away as I become immersed.

The NaBloPoMo prompt for today was to write about the last thing we had created or fixed.  The cot quilt pictured above was finished earlier this month for a new son born to one of the families in our church.



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