What I Learned from The Little Red Hen

Aesop’s Fables and the Grimm’s Fairy Tales were favourites on our childhood bookshelves.  When we were old enough we learned the stories by heart, as we followed along with the 45rpm vinyl records that came with the little golden books .  The stories were well written, entertaining and delivered – albeit subliminally at our age – a message about life, a moral.

NaBloPoMo prompt for today asks from whom did we learn the most important lesson in life.  Whoever the author of The Little Red Hen was, was indeed a sage soul.  The lessons woven in to the short story are hooks on which hang some of life’s best lessons.

So without further ado, I give you – The Little Red Hen:

  1. She was a thrifty little hen saving the seed that others had discarded; she saw the seeds’ potential
  2. She saw the opportunity and didn’t wait to be told what to do with the seed; she used her initiative.
  3. She anticipated the seeds’ growth and looked towards the harvest; she didn’t focus on what they were, she looked to their potential.
  4. She wasn’t bothered by the lack of support; she asked for help and when none was forthcoming she rolled up her sleeves – so to speak – and got the job done.
  5. She kept on until the task was completed; at every stage she asked for help and was knocked back; she kept a good heart and pushed on.
  6. She was deaf to the snark of the farm animals as she toiled while they played.
  7. She reaped the reward of her hard work and provided wonderful bread for her family while the lazy farm animals did not get to share the reward of her endeavours.
  8. She was willing to share her bread with those who had helped her; those that did not put their hand to the grist went hungry.

All the lessons she teaches stood me in good stead during my growing years and still now they have relevance.  I hope there are similar stories written for the children of today that carry lessons in moral values because The Little Red Hen fulfilled her role to instil a set of values that were fun to learn and (obviously) memorable.

What was your favourite story as a child?

This post was written as part of the NaBloPoMo blogging challenge to post every day in November.



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