Camping at Port Stephens: Better with Friends

To start the first day of a month long blogging challenge from a campground has to be a good omen for the month.  The campground sits at the tip of a peninsula between two swimming locations.  One is the wild and windy sea shore, the other a beach restfully sheltered from the prevailing wind.


We spent three nights at this campground in May after a storm had ripped through the region causing havoc to wildlife and the nature reserves.  Six months later and the wonder of nature is that the landscape has healed and order restored.  Carrying a camera wherever I go has its advantages which is why I am able to marvel at the repair job nature has done in the area.

Little Beach, Port Stephens

Little Beach, Port Stephens

This weekend we’ve joined our church home group at Little Beach, Port Stephens.  With ten others to share the fun everyone’s experience is amplified.  Of course life is what we make it and the MOTH and I have been blessed with good health amongst so many other things that make our life what it is.

We know we are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to live in a country that has a reasonable standard of living, employment opportunities and a climate that allows us to get out and about to explore this great land.  As good as all that is, our friends are the difference between an ordinary life and a wonderful life.  We’re so grateful for the company along the journey.


Posted as part of the NaBloPoMo November challenge to post every day in the month.


2 thoughts on “Camping at Port Stephens: Better with Friends

  1. I agree that to begin the challenge you’ve accepted in a campground, especially one that has healed from a savage storm, is a good omen. I’ll look forward to reading your daily posts. Good luck with the challenge.

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