It is good to be reminded

Wednesday Work BadgeSome people watch cat videos others watch the WalMart clips on YouTube.  When I need to unwind, I go to inspirational clips.

The audience scoffed at her aspirations and Simon was patronising and cynical.  When the music began and she opened her mouth to sing, Susan Boyle put them in their places.  What we have within is so much bigger than the prejudice of others.

Her attitude and spunk lift me up.  The clip may be six years old but it still bring tears to my eyes and my heart wells with pride, for the underdog who took it on the chin and then let loose with her voice of an angel.

Her tenacity and determination are qualities of a survivor.  Those personal attributes are honed through the years of childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  They build resilience.  Those are attributes I look for and hope to nurture in clients at every stage of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.  They are the building blocks of long term abstinence as they are the cornerstone of a life well lived.


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