My Day Book

simple-woman-daybook-large.jpgToday I am linking up with The Simple Woman’s Day Book which invites women to respond to the same prompters each week.

For Today… Monday 14th September 2015
Outside my window are the sounds of children playing outdoors and a ball being kicked against the corrugated iron fencing. 
I am thinking two more posts until 500 posts have found a home on QP and Eye.
I am thankful for my home and family; for my work and thankful for good friends.
I am wearing a pair of shorts and tee-shirt, no shoes.
I am creating a cappuccino with our coffee pod machine
I am going to pray for my boss who is being particularly unpleasant at the moment.  When I have prayed for those whom I have difficulty things have shifted to a new and more comfortable level.
I am wondering  if it is time to put my blog on pause and get serious about completing the vignettes of my life story.  Maybe it is the season but other bloggers have also decided to ‘go bush’ for a while so they can write.  Isn’t it ironic that many of us start blogging because we want to write more but find it diverts our focus from our main writing goal.    
I am reading Game of Thrones (Book 5, Part 1), the Universal Heart, The Collected Works of Herman Charles Bosman.  He has a wonderful voice that transports me back to South Africa and its people.  1300 pages of pure South Africana.
This week I learned that placing sliced cucumber on to an aluminium tray or foil in the garden will keep snails and slugs at bay.  Apparently the chemical reaction of the cucumber and aluminium is deeply offending to the snails and slugs (oh dear how sad).
In my garden the cuttings and succulent pups are doing well in their new location.  The lobelia, alyssum and pansies are flourishing in the garden as well as in the hanging baskets.  The garden gnome is sharing the birdbath with a porcelain calf and both appear to be happy.   
A favourite quote for today:   Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes (Author Unknown)
One of my favourite things is to sit outdoors with Spring happening all around and not have to take responsibility for anything … this moment.

4 thoughts on “My Day Book

  1. One of my favorite quotes, too! We’re lucky in that we rarely see slugs here where I live, and I’ve never seen a snail other than the tiny ones that live in water.
    Hope you have a wonderful week 🙂


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