Day 14: August Moon

I was excited when I cleared my in box this morning.  This prompt struck a chord (ta-dah) with me as I recently went in search of one of my all time favourite go-to books.  Following in the footsteps of my father I am a manual-reading and self-help book devotee:


Stephanie Dowrick has been a source of inspiration in the past nine years since an emotionally devastating event triggered self doubt and questioned the values upon which I had based a lot of my decisions and through which I lived my life.  Her book helped me to piece myself together again and rise above the circumstances and consequences of the event and find the capacity to once more look on the bright side of life.

In The Universal Heart she explores and offers wisdom, knowledge and insight on relationships.  It is a book that challenges old beliefs and behaviours and encourages the reader to seek an untried path to healing.  Her psychological and spiritual insights invites one to live one’s ideals to the fullest, to develop trustful and trustworthy relationships and hot to reignite joy.

Each time I re-read her book I am touched by how timely the words are as well as how much they meet my present need to know how to find the place in which to breakthrough.

In a recent clean out of my bookshelf I was surprised by how many self-help publications filled the shelves yet how few I revisited regularly.  Now I have a wonderful selection that validate my life and light the path ahead.  Many self-help/metaphysical publications discount one’s present reality exhorting a better way.  Stephanie Dowrick validates our lives while simultaneously encouraging us to ‘love generously“.

I came to her book an emotional wreck and by slowly working my way through the chapters I feel I am a stronger and less self-doubting person because of the strength I have been able to draw from the pages of The Universal Heart.  It is definitely one of my favourite go-to books and one I consider to be a light in times of darkness.


5 thoughts on “Day 14: August Moon

    • I’m hesitant to recommend a book Janet but I feel certain anyone who picks up this book will find something that rings true. If you do read it let me know how you find it. 🙂 Linda


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