Day 12: August Moon

AM-day-12-text-600x600Lit up, grow sunny, brighten, enliven, kindle, polish, spiff up, irradiate, sparkle and illuminate.  All synonyms for lit up.  When I hear those words I immediately think happy thoughts; something has piqued my interest and bunted me out of my comfort zone, demanding to be noticed.

It is new and invigorating and promises adventure.

Lit up from within is not ordinary.

It evokes curiosity.


The catalyst?

Lit up from within conjures creative expectation.  Is this the moment the blinds are pulled back and the creative flame is fanned?

Lit up from within illuminates and then floods the writer’s chasm of frustration and confusion in a simultaneous fusion of brilliance, release and creative explosion that fills the page with exquisite prose …

Err … really?


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