Day 11: August Moon

What happened to days between 6 and 11?  I hardly noticed them arrive and I didn’t have time to wish them toodle-pip before Day 11 arrived in my inbox.  Are you hearing embarrassed, appalled and noticing my Type A-ness falling out all over the place?

As someone who commits to a project, usually  I do not give up as easily as I seem to had done with August Moon.  However, I am here to redeem my badass self with a stream of conscious response to Alana’s prompt depicted in the graphic below.


Perhaps I am fortunate to have had many people who have illuminated my journey.  Those who burned brightest during my childhood years were my grandparents, not because they were brilliant, wise or knowledgeable (although they may well have been) but because they showed rather than told me how to live my life.  They nurtured values in my child self that brought out the best in me and others, and they made me want to shine alongside them.

In later years one or two school teachers lit the way either in the area of learning or by showing compassion and understanding when I thought I was lost and could not find my way back to myself.  They taught me that courage and tenacity are always rewarded and those stars continue to light my path.

My science teacher in high school, Sister Mary Margaret, taught me that we can learn valuable lessons even when science experiments explode for all the wrong reasons.  She taught me to laugh at myself and she was the first person to let me into life’s secret that everyone makes mistakes and when we laugh at ourselves, we forgive ourselves; and we also give others permission to laugh at themselves.

My son is one of my brightest stars.  He overcome a decade of bullying, discrimination and isolation at school.  He is a unique and beautiful person but (like his mother) has a tendency towards geekiness.  Despite those hard times he continued to persevere and believe in himself.  He made tough decisions and lived with the consequences.  Today he lights the path for others and he reminds me that we can overcome the opinions of others when we find and follow our passion.

My daughter is another of my brightest stars.  Her daily battle is with the symptoms of autism that her child has.  Her bravery, courage and ability to find the silly in the most frustrating situations make me look at her and wonder where she came from.  Her day is filled with tantrums, language barriers, learning difficulties, other peoples’ judgements and advice – and she smiles through it all and continues to encourage her child.  She knows the value of celebrating the small breakthroughs which have become larger the older her child becomes.

Other bright stars in my world are the mums and dads I visit who struggle with substance dependence.  They show me courage, tenacity, they laugh at their mistakes and themselves.  They are not brilliant, wise or knowledgeable (although they may be) but they hang in there every day and they shine brighter each day they show courage.

How can I walk in darkness when so much illuminates my world.

I am blessed beyond measure.

Stream of consciousness … I should do this more often!


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