Day 6: August Moon

Sunset over Lake Macquarie

Sunset over Lake Macquarie

There is something about twilight that makes me feel…

Relaxed and unwound, unless I am at work and then it is different.

We talk about dusk and we talk about twilight, we talk about dawn and also twilight but at the other end of the day.  Is there a difference?  Apparently not but did you know there are three types of twilight.  

Twilight is defined as the time between darkness and sunrise in the morning and sunset and darkness in the evening.  There is light outside but the sun is below the horizon.  But wait there’s more … twilight ends with the dawn in the morning and with dusk in the evening.  Sunrise happens when the sun breaks the horizon and similarly dusk occurs when the last of the sun trails below the horizon.  

So the civil, nautical and astronomical types of twilight are determined by degrees and minutes the sun breaks the horizon at each end of the day.  

… Back to relaxed and unwound.  

The ‘something’ about twilight that makes me feel relaxed and unwound is knowing the day is done and whatever has happened during the day it is time to draw a line under it, crack open the pink bubbles and write, read, watch television and write.  The association of shared companionship and contentment seem to be heightened at that time of day, again knowing that work is done, your time is your own and the company of your choosing.  

However, twilight at dawn holds none of that charm and is more likely to find me  clinging to the remnants of sleep.  The mornings are better with brilliant sunshine.  The nights are better with moody lighting, the comfort of home or friends and pink bubbles.


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