Day 2: August Moon

Let me tell you what I am afraid of …

I am afraid that life will not be long enough to accomplish (and finish) so many activities.  The list of what-am-i-afraid-ofs is lengthy and on inspection scary.

Perhaps the one that presents itself to many baby boomers is that of growing older with less and less financial backing.  Being poor and young was an adventure, being old and poor is downright terrifying.

Other fears include being single again after thirty-five years of marriage.  And how about this one … whether or not the MOTH (Man of The House) and I will be in good enough health to run wild and free when I retire.

Today’s prompt took me to places I have not been in a while.  I try to live as mindfully as I can which means enjoying the moment, accepting the day’s awesomeness and managing the challenges in the least harmful way possible, to myself and humankind.  Of course it doesn’t always work that way but I am one and accept others play into the menage, over them I have no control – and neither would I wish to.

These are the same fears I have harboured for a long while and I try not to spend too much time in their company.  I believe that each day lived well is the best I can do and the best others can expect of me.  As for those fears, pfft they’re on the back burner while I keep in the moment being mindful of where and how I am living today.

August Moon 2

This prompt was posed by Alana, from Wolf and Word, hosting August Moon on behalf of Kat McNally, but I’ll let Alana tell her story …

I’m so excited to be the interim host of August Moon for 2015 while the amazing Kat takes a break.

August Moon is a writing challenge created by Kat McNally. Kat is a writer whose mission in life is to remind you that you are never alone. She is a beautiful, generous person, a wonderful friend, and it is my hope that I can do August Moon justice as its temporary host.

Predominately a reflective writing challenge, August Moon has been created in a way that its one line prompts lend themselves also to creative writing or poetry. You can participate in any way that you like, you may even like to change up your responses to be a mixture of different kinds of writing.

You may wish to take your August Moon journey solo, writing your responses to the prompts in your own private journal or notebook.

Or you may wish to join in with other like-minded souls and blog your response and joining it up to the daily linky her on Wolf and Word. You may like to respond on social media; use the hashtag #Augustmoon15 on Twitter and instagram or tag me (Wolf and Word) in your Facebook posts.

The theme I’m going for this August Moon is illumination. As we in the Southern Hemisphere make our way out of the darkness of winter we are reaching towards the light and looking to shed some illumination on our paths moving forward. I can also see this theme being relevant to our Northern Hemisphere participants, as they can take the illumination as a lantern to guide them as they head toward the darker seasons.


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