Day 1: August Moon 2015

Early in the year I participated in Kat McNally’s self-reflective April Moon series during which she posted a daily prompt to which we responded either in our journals or we chose to share those reflections on our blogs.

This month Kat has handed over to Alana from Wolf and Word to host the August Moon fortnight.  Alana’s theme for our reflective journey over the next fortnight is ILLUMINATION.   I am not a vicarious learner, I do not learn from other’s mistakes or advice.  I learn from personal experience which has its ups and downs.  When I get it, I get it … through illumination.

August Moon Day 1

I am using this challenge as an opportunity to open up and see what might need illuminating in my life.  Life is too short for the light to reach every dark and scary place but right now there are two areas that need clarification.  For the next fourteen days I’m with others as I synch with Rumi’s wisdom that tells me light gains access through the cracks … and I am nothing if not cracked.

I’m excited about where the journey will take me.

So why wouldn’t I join fellow bloggers and be illuminated over the next fourteen days.  Like all journeys into illumination we begin our journey in the darkness.  I am feeling vulnerable, excited, tentative, alert and primed for the journey.  The journal entry holds grittier stuff but hey,  I’m feeling vulnerable and on day one vulnerable is taking cover in a journal.


3 thoughts on “Day 1: August Moon 2015

  1. Thank you so much for joining in Linda and sharing how you are feeling with us. I hope that you find the illumination you seek (and the illumination that is seeking you – for another Rumi reference). xx

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