Stream of Consciousness

Struggle?  Challenge?  Pending deadline?  11th hour?  Me?  Not intimidated, usually. But this week – too much. However good the device we use to create our blog posts may be, if getting those posts passed the home front and launched into blogosphere is a trial, the pleasure ceases to exist.

For the past month our internet connection has gone from poor to almost non-existent and this isn’t a third world country.  Pages time out and posts get lost waiting for pages to redraw which is what happened last week whilst experiencing yet another glitch.

Me too Barack. Me too …

The catharsis of a writing session after a day at work keeps me unwind, but I miss the relative ease with which those posts once made it onto QP and Eye.  Now?  Not so much.

With a sense of frustration and powerless I’ve surrendered and further postings are on hold until we find a workable internet solution.  I hope that will be weeks rather than months.  In the meantime, I’ll be blog hopping and catching up with a lot of reading.


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