The Simple Woman’s Daybook

simple-woman-daybook-largeToday I am linking up with The Simple Woman’s Day Book which invites simple woman to respond to the same prompters each week.
For Today… Monday 13th July 2015
Outside my window the hanging baskets are starting to look colourful.  The seedlings planted some weeks ago have taken well and are thriving in the mild winter temperatures: pansies, lobelia and alyssum.
I am thinking the scrapbooking project is taking too long and wondering when I am going to be able to spend a few nights dedicated to completing the pages thus far for 2015.
I am thankful the end of financial year data is collated and into the required reports.  It took two days instead of previous years when it took two weeks.
I am wearing  track pants, tee-shirt and a woollen jersey knitted by P, my sister in law.
I am creating this post and our 2015 scrapbook.
I am going to a day’s training on Friday to learn ways to support men who experience or have been the victims of violence. There are many supports for female victims of family violence but nothing for men who suffer violence from family members.
I am wondering when I reach my target of 500 posts, which will be in the next month or so, whether I’ll keep going or have a break.  I’m feeling a bit stale as I write this and maybe that will pass.
I am reading Book 5, Part 1 of Game of Thrones
I am learning to let things roll over me and not become involved when my energy levels are low
In my garden the hydroponic tubs have been cleaned out, replenished with water and food and vegetable seedlings planted out:  salad greens mostly.  Meanwhile in the good earth, green beans were planted a few months ago and have started flowering; not long before we’ll be eating fresh organically grown greens.  The snails are evident by the nibbled leaves we find each morning but it’s too cold to get outside after dark to catch them and relocate them (into the green waste bin).   Before you think I am a bundle of energy I’ll have to stop you there.  All this horticultural activity is the hard work of the MOTH.  Ok, I did get out on Sunday and weed the front and back lawns.
 In my the MOTH’s kitchen three types of soup have been made and in the freezer: pumpkin, minestrone and goulash which are great for quick and nourishing meals and good comfort food too.
A favourite quote for today
To peek into one of my days you will see that Sunday mornings focus on getting out the door in time for Church.  Thankfully our service has a 10.15am start which means we have a lie in, time to eat breakfast and be there in time for coffee with others.  We do coffee before and after Church which gives us plenty of time to catch up with a few people.
One of my favorite things is being warm inside when it is cold out.  It’s winter here and the days are clear and the nights getting colder.  By the time the sun sets, our fire is stoked, windows are closed and the blinds drawn.  Love it.

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