Things My Mum Taught Me

Monday Memoir BadgeLast week I shared one of my father’s passions – photography – which he passed along to me. Rather than rewrite the piece about the things my mother taught me, I’m reblogging it here.

QP and Eye

Today is a day when mothers are celebrated honoured and spoiled because of who she is and what she represents in their lives. Children, whether small, teenagers, young adults or grown ups acknowledge the value mum adds to their lives …  just by being. As I sat in Church this morning and watched the video clips of different members of our church family reflect on aspects of their mothers my mind wandered to what I might have said about my mum.

Mum died when I was fourteen so she wasn’t around to create those memories of girls’ nights out, shopping, wedding arrangements, organising baby showers or baking birthday cakes for my children. With each milestone my children reached I missed her and wondered how she would have reacted. What would she think of my son and daughter? What kind of a great-grandmother would she have been? What kind of grandmother…

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