Tolerance and Disconnection

When I attended secretarial college in the 1970s a stint on the switchboard was a non-negotiable .  When the numbered globe lit up, we lifted the receiver off the hook, uncoiled the twisted cord and plugged the phone jack into the correct slot in the panel and connected the caller, it took skill to answer phone back in the day.  Connection complete, job done.

I was reminded of this experience when I read one of the prompts in this month’s NaBloPo theme of Connect: Is there a post you wrote which you hoped would connect with your audience but didn’t.

We write and read and comment on each other’s blogs.  It’s what we do, we’re communicators, writers, bloggers, readers, encouragers.  Connecting with our audience is an integral part of blogging but sometimes it doesn’t happen that way and a every now and again a post just misses the mark.

As part of the 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge I wrote a piece about Tolerance.   It was in the context of social justice which was my theme which was an intense topic to be writing about for a month.  Could that have been the problem?  Or maybe tolerance is something with which we all struggle and don’t know how to respond to.

Have you written a post to which your audience has not connected as you had wished?  Provide the link in the comment section and let’s see if we can change that …

4 thoughts on “Tolerance and Disconnection

  1. I agree with the earlier comment from Rosanna. I’ve noticed that posts I write about proactive health habits and exercise don’t receive many responses. My posts about looking for ways to do some good in the world also don’t elicit as much comment as my other categories. But I believe both things are part of living well and aging well, but I continue to write about them because I enjoy writing and believe in the topics, not worrying about their reception..

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    • Janet, you and Rosanna have similar responses and talk about writing what you need to write about with less concern about the connection. I agree with both your comments and am becoming more relaxed with writing about the things I want to talk about as you both do. Thank you for the comment 🙂


  2. Ah Linda, many disconnects with me….:-) REaders are hard to guage, so I have stopped thinking about connecting at all. I just write for the pleasure of it. I write mainly for me…sounds selfish, but it makes writing so much more enjoyable and easy…

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