The Zen of Writing (A Haibun)

Poetry to me is rhyming and beat and repetition of that rhythm and sway but I read this piece by Rosanna of Writing on the Pages of Life and I understand that poetry can be equally fabulous in another form.

I was captured in the moment, the day, the journey and it was wonderful. I hope you enjoy Rosanna’s Haibun entitled The Zen of Writing as much as I did.

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Writing on the Pages of Life

I wake up to the sound of a voice in my head
and I know instantly that it is “writing” what could be
an introduction to a book. I listen intently
as the voice “writes.” When it is over,
I hear a familiar tune – a lone olive-backed sunbird
is singing in the backyard. I smile and say to myself,
“And then the sunbird sings…”
Darkness still covers everything outside and inside the house.
But within me, a veil is lifting.

the sparrows and fantails
are nowhere, their merry chatter a mere memory
now the sunbird sings

Our mornings are so different now. For almost
eight months during the year, the backyard
becomes a favorite meeting place for the Eurasian tree
sparrows. From November to June, they are there
tweeting, chirping. The birds converge
while it is still dark and begin to chatter. By seven, just as
we are preparing…

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