It is easy to make lemonade from life’s lemons when you have an attitude of gratitude.  Mostly I am a positive soul rolling with the punches and going with the flow and whatever other cliche may come to mind.  I can hold it together when the axis tilts because most negative consequences that challenge me are of my own making.  What I do not handle so well is when I’m sitting with consequences for which I feel are unjustified.

… Like how our oh-so-slow internet connection, WordPress and browsing themes conspired to have a simultaneous episode on Monday night.  Perhaps the stars aligned themselves and QP became its own entity and decided it didn’t like the clean lines of the old theme.



I am bemused and not a little upset by the cyber shenanigans but then this is my time of year when things tend to go awry.  July through to October are the months of the year when my critical days, emotional, intellectual and physical biorhythms all collide and history forearms me that these are the months I have burned out, fallen ill, resigned and generally been out of synch with, well just about everything and everyone.

So I should probably stay away from the world, eat chocolate and work on that stash of pink bubbles in the wine rack.  However, that is not my way. Onward and upward …

Not only is it my personal quarter of odd happenings it coincides with the end of our financial year which is another whole story … the fun started yesterday and continues today, but we’re in good heart.  My biorhythms and the world and I have a handle on the why this year, and am expecting amazing results.  Quite different from previous years it is going to be an up quarter and I am speaking against any further negativity for the coming months.

Now, can someone please fix how my blog looks!


2 thoughts on “Glitches

  1. How annoying when changes happen without your say-so! I can’t help much with the return to its previous layout – I find it hard enough to manage mine – and not change anything.
    I’ve been having back-up problems that took several hours off my writing time yesterday & the day before. Thank goodness Dirk was able to fix it all up. Now my files are safely backed up.
    Glad to hear you are ditching the negativity of this suss period – mid-winter lack of warmth & sunshine, I wonder? Hope all goes well during the next couple of months. 🙂


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