Who, What and Why

Blogger’s NabloPoMo theme for July is Connect and how we make those connections and why we seek them. The prompt that asked whether I write for only myself, or do I use my blog to try to connect with other people sparked a response that makes me think now is a good time to review those questions. Why do I blog and for whom?

As a late comer to the world of blogging there can be a sense of so much to do so little time. I blog to improve my writing skills and to interact with others of a similar mindset. I enjoy the encouragement, received as well as the relative anonymity of blogging; a written rather than physical presence.

Now that you are here you will want to know a little about the pen behind QP and Eye – originally QueasyPeasy. You can read the story behind why QueasyPeasy by following the link but I wanted to combine another passion with my writing and that needed to be reflected in the blog name. Hence QueasyPeasy has been shortened to QP; and the Eye? The eye of the camera.Have keyboard will blog, have camera will shoot.

Nothing has changed since I wrote that on my About page, I’m happy with how my blog puts me in touch with new bloggers. Stats can be another encouragement but the writing motivates me more than the figures. Posting on my blog is another form of journalling outside of the Dear Diary category. I do not go back very often to re-read previous posts but I like that those reflections are there if I do wish to revisit them.

What do I write about? I am trying to be more disciplined and posting regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays although that isn’t going too well at the moment: memoir on Monday and a piece about work on Wednesdays. Some Wednesdays it is too much like hard work if I’ve had an up and down day. I have recently joined the WordPress weekly photo challenge to connect with others who enjoy that medium of communication. Otherwise I write about whatever is taking up head space or if something serendipitious happens.

How about you, why do you blog?


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